2015-3-8 Sunday Bulletin

主日信息 / Sunday Sermon

『當期待落空 Dealing with Unmet Expectations』
林雍迪 牧師
馬太福音 11:2-6

§ 消息報告 / Announcements §

  1. 大齋節期自2/18至4/4,鼓勵兄姊參與40天連鎖禁食禱告:為個人靈命復興,經歷與神同在;生活有力,見證神夠用恩典;教會興旺,廣傳福音真道;國家社會謹守公義和平,蒙神眷佑保守。
  2. 三月份長執會於今日下午召開。
  3. 第二季各項服事登記表鼓勵兄姊踴躍登記,同心參與聖工服事。
  4. 蕭太然教授追思禮拜訂於3/14(六)2:00pm於洛福教會舉行,求主安慰遺族。
  5. 眼科義診將於3/15及3/29兩主日下午舉行,有意參加者請到招待桌登記。
  6. TPC聯合省墓禮拜訂於3/21(六)上午9:00在Rose Hills Memorial Park的Sky Rose Chapel舉行。鼓勵兄姊邀請鄉親朋友參加。
  7. 2015TPC聯合靈修會將於6/12-14(父親節前一個週末)舉行。主題:燃起宣教之火。請兄姊預留時間,踴躍參加。
  8. 2015暑期台灣短宣募款開跑!募款目標$8,182. 今年服事教會: 花蓮信義長老教會及桃園信義會牧恩堂,短宣團隊共九名。
  9. 請為教會異象,長執同工,團契,服事兄姊,宣教夥伴及年長肢體代禱。
  10. 持守真道請繼續為美國及台灣社會倫理,教會持守真理代禱。
  11. 請為普世關懷代禱: 地球環境危機,世界和諧穩定,福音廣傳,人心敬畏神,各國政府行公義,好憐憫,存謙卑的心與神同行。


  1. Lent will be observed 2/18-4/4.  All are encouraged to participate in the 40 day prayerband fasting chain for: personal spiritual revival, to experience the presence of God; empowered life, to witness God’s sufficient grace; thriving of church, to spread the gospel of truth; justice and peace of our countryand society, to receive blessings from God.
  2. Season 2 ministries: all are encouraged to sign up to serve.
  3. 2015 TPC joint retreat date is set on 6/12-14, which is the weekend befor Father’s Day.  Please set aside your time to participate.
  4. Fundraiser for 2015 Taiwan Short Term Mission has begun.  Goal is set at $8,182.  This year’s team consists of 9 members.
  5. Your intercession is requested for church vision, church leaders, fellowship, Sunday ministery, mission partners and home-bound elderly.
  6. Upholding the truth please pray for social ethics of U.S. and Taiwan, and our faithful obedience to the Word of God.
  7. Intercession requested for global concerns: global environmental crisis, world peace and stability, spread of Godspel, fear of God in people, and for all government to do justly, and walk with God with a humble heart.

週間聚會/ Weekly Fellowship

  • 星期五聚會: 8 pm 小組查經 (QT Bible Study)、少年團契 (Youth Group)
  • 星期日聚會: 10 am 成人主日學、11 am 台語崇拜、英文團契、兒童 / 少年主日學

Now, O my God, let your eyes be open and your ears attentive to the prayer of this place.  (代下 2 Chro 6:40a)

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