1-8-17 Sunday Bulletin

主日信息 / Sunday Sermon

『5D 門徒:整全的見證 5D Dicipleship: Comprehensive Testimony』

李洋誌 牧師

歌林多後書 2Co 2:14-17

§ 消息報告 / Announcements §

  1. 感謝李洋誌牧師今日證道,願主施恩賜福他的身心靈,家庭及學業。
  2. 2017第一季成人主日學已經開始,至2/26止共8堂,由莊瑞陽醫師主講“聖經論”鼓勵兄姊參加,同蒙造就。
  3. 2017年度長執同工就任將於下主日(1/15)舉行。
  4. 長執會將於下主日(1/15)下午2時舉行。
  5. 2017年度第一季服事表已印出在招待處,請每戶拿一張,並為事工及服事者代禱。
  6. 2017獻花服事尚有空位,鼓勵兄姊登記,每次$25,繳交時請在信封/支票上註明姓名,投入奉獻袋。
  7. 請繼續為明年度事工,預算同工代禱。
  8. 鼓勵兄姊以什一月獻,回應神信實的眷佑和供應。
  9. 請為教會異象,長執同工,團契,服事兄姊,宣教夥伴及年長肢體代禱。
  10. 請為總統當選人選擇内閣禱告,願主賜下謙卑與智慧的靈與他們同在,
  11. 持守真道請繼續為美國及台灣社會倫理,教會持守真理代禱。
  1. We thank and bless Rev. Lee for sharing the Word of God with us today.
  2. 2017 season 1 ministry schedule has been published.  Please take one per household.  Pray for those who are serving.
  3. Please continue to pray for 2017 ministries, budget and co-workers.
  4. Your intercession is requested for church vision, church leaders, fellowship, Sunday ministry, mission partners and home-bound elderly.
  5. Please pray that the gift of wisdom and modesty bestowed upon the President-elect in choosing his advisors and future cabinet.
  6. Upholding the truth please pray for social ethics of U.S. and Taiwan, and our faithful obedience to the Word of God.
  7. Intercession requested for global concerns: global environmental crisis, world peace and stability, spread of Gospel & advancement of God’s Kingdom.

週間聚會/ Weekly Fellowship

  • 星期五聚會: 8 pm 小組查經 (QT Bible Study) 、少年團契 (Youth Group)
  • 星期日聚會: 10 am 成人主日學、11 am 台語崇拜、英文團契、兒童 / 少年主日學


For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being sabed and among those who are perishing.

(歌林多後 2Cor 2:15)

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