08-28-2022 Sunday Bulletin


主日信息 Sunday Sermon

「 朋友,請來坐大位 Friend, Move Up Higher 」

路加福音 Luke 14:1, 7-14

許明遠牧師 Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu


消息報告 Announcements

  1. 本主日舉行聖餐, 請兄姊用感恩的心領受主耶穌為我們所打破的身體和流出的寶血。We observed communion today and are grateful for the body and blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for us.
  2. 下主日慶祝中秋節中餐加菜並贈送月餅,歡迎兄姊留步一起用餐。We are celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with food and mooncakes next Sunday; brothers and sisters are welcomed to stay and dine together.
  3. 下主日下午三點召開長執會,請長執參加。Board meeting at 3pm next Sunday; elders and deacons, please attend.
  4. 9月10日禮拜六下午5點在教會舉行中秋節烤肉聯歡晚會,有烤肉、戶外電影和賞月等活動,歡迎全家大小一起來,要參加者請到招待桌登記以利統計人數,下週日截止報名。There will be a Mid-Autumn Festival BBQ on 9/10 (Saturday) at 5pm with BBQ, outdoor movie, and moon gazing. All families are welcome to come! Please register at the reception table with number of people – registration closes next Sunday.
  5. 教會將招募一名同工參與英語事工學徒培訓的計劃,詳細內容張貼在公布欄,有興趣者請洽Henry長老。The church has opened an English ministry apprenticeship training program – details are posted on the bulletin board; if interested, please contact Elder Henry.
  6. 9月23-24日英語事工將參加 apologetics conference,歡迎有興趣參加的年輕人參加,詳情請洽Tina執事,報名下主日截止。English Ministry is going to an apologetics conference on 9/23-24, and any young people who are interested in participating are welcome to attend! Please contact Deacon Tina for details – registration closes next Sunday.
  7. 9月24-25日TPC聯合靈修會,邀請謝大立牧師主講,主題「憶馬偕、隨基督、更我新」,地點24日在柑縣長老教會,25日在第一長老教會,兄姊可現場和線上參加,報名請洽蕭錫恩長老。TPC has invited Rev. Hsieh to lecture on the theme “Renewal to Follow Jesus Through Mackay” from 9/24-25, at Formosan Presbyterian Church OC on the 24th and First Presbyterian Church on the 25th. Brothers and sisters can participate in-person or online; please register with Elder Eric.
  8. TPC 主辦「馬偕150」行腳巡禮台灣行程,從11月7-13日安排追隨馬偕博士的宣教行腳並參訪馬偕博士建立的教會、學校和醫療機構,全程有專業導覽和文史工作者隨團介紹,有興趣報名者詳情請洽蕭錫恩長老,報名截止日期 9/30。TPC is sponsoring a Mackay 150th anniversary tour in Taiwan. From 11/7-13, participants will follow Dr. Mackay’s missionary trip through churches, schools, and medical institutions founded by him, including literature and history. If interested, please contact Elder Eric for details – registration closes on 9/30.


關懷 & 代禱 Caring & Intercession

1. 為今年下半年度的事工和活動代禱。Pray for the ministry and activities in the second half of the year.

      1. 9/4 (Sun) 中秋節加菜+月餅 Mid-Autumn Festival
      2. 9/10 (Sat) 中秋節烤肉慶祝晚會 Mid-Autumn Festival BBQ
      3. 9/24-25 (Sat-Sun) TPC聯合靈修會 TPC Retreat
      4. 10/2 (Sun) 世界共同聖餐主日 (野外禮拜) World Communion Sunday (field service)
      5. 10/16 (Sun) 秋季會員大會 (禮拜後) Autumn Congregational Meeting (after service)
      6. 12/24 (Sat) 聖誕音樂會 Winter Concert

2. 為明年長執提名委員會的過程代禱。Pray for next year’s process from the nominating committee.

3. 為身體欠安和年老無法來教會或使用網路禮拜的兄姊禱告。Pray for the brothers and sisters who are ill, unable to come to church, or unable to access the online worship.

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