08-27-2023 Sunday Bulletin

尼羅河邊的奇蹟 Wonders of the Nile

(出埃及記 Exodus 1:15-2:10)

許明遠牧師 Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 下本主日舉行聖餐和洗禮,歡迎報名洗禮加入教會的兄姊,感謝主耶穌為人類釘十架受死的恩典。Communion and baptism are observed this Sunday. We welcome all brothers and sisters who have joined the church, and thank the Lord for His grace of dying for us.
  2. 禮拜後請留步參加歡迎和認識新朋友的聯誼活動。Please stay after the service to participate in our special program for new friends!
  3. 每個禮拜三晚上八點是全教會網路禱告會, 鼓勵兄姊參加一起同心禱告。Our online Wednesday prayer night is at 8pm. Brothers and sisters, come join and pray with us.
  4. 教會圍籬已經完成,感謝負責同工圓滿完成任務,此次工程花費約五萬元,請兄姊持續關心奉獻。Our church fence has been installed! We thank the coworkers who oversaw the project. The project was around $50k, and brothers and sisters are still able to contribute.
  5. 下主日TPC 交換講台,第一長老教會謝信光牧師來本堂講道。Next Sunday, TPC will exchange podiums, and Rev. Frank Hsieh from First Presbyterian Church will preach.
  6. 下主日禮拜後提名委員會召開第一次會議,請委員留步參加。The nominating committee will have its first meeting after the Sunday service next week. Nominating members, please attend.
  7. 9月1-4日牧師受邀到El Monte恩典基督教會帶領靈修會,請代禱。The pastor has been invited to lead a retreat from 9/1-4 at Grace Christian Church in El Monte. Please pray for him.
  8. 9月17日台灣玉山神學院胡淑貞牧師,現任神學院校長特助,來本堂講道及報告。Rev. Hu, assistant to the principal of Taiwan’s Yu-Shan Theological Seminary, will be coming to our church to preach on 9/17.
  9. 9月30日-10月1日TPC聯合靈修會,9/30在柑縣教會舉行,10/1在本堂聯合主日崇拜,有網路同步直播,歡迎兄姊踴躍參加。TPC Joint Retreat will be held 9/30-10/1 (Sat-Sun); 9/30 will be at Formosan Presbyterian Church in Orange County and 10/1 at our church. There will be live streaming, all brothers and sisters are welcome to participate.
  10. ABC基督徒教育大會9月16日9am-4pm網上特會「活出亂世中的門徒生命」,免費參加,詳情請看公佈欄。ABC Christian Education Conference will hold an online conference on 9/16 from 9am-4pm, “Living as a Disciple in a Troubled World.” Participation is free. For more details, please refer to the bulletin board.

代禱 Intercession

  1. 為明年長執改選,提名委員會開始提名的工作,求上帝揀選祂要使用的工人。Pray for the nomination committee as they start the process for next year’s coworkers, that God will choose the people He will use.
  2. 為何弘吉醫師、古秀偉、王淑玲、高滿紀、鄧淑貞長老、胡紹禎、藍老師以及身體欠安的兄姊代禱。Pray for Dr. Ho, Brother Ku, Brother Wang, Brother Ku, Elder Teng, Brother Hu, Teacher Lan, and all brothers and sisters who are in poor health.

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