07-26-2020 Sunday Bulletin

主日信息 Sunday Sermon

「 壞事當中出現好事 Getting Good Out Of Bad」

郭東緒牧師 Rev. Thomas Kuo

腓立比書 Philippians 1:12-21


消息報告 Announcements

  1. 由於加州疫情及確診情況尚未穩定,實體聚會日期延後至9月6日,本會將繼續參加  TPC 聯合主日禮拜及週間聚會至八月底,小會將持續觀察疫情發展,若有變動會盡快通知會友。Because of the current uncertainties and epidemic cases in California, the session has decided to postpone our church reopening until September 6. TPC join service and weekly gatherings will continue until the end of August. If there are any new decisions, our brothers and sisters will be notified.
  2. 8/1週六晚上八點召開長執會,請長執上網參加。Board meeting at 8pm this Saturday (8/1); board members, please participate online.
  3. 疫情期間關懷:兄姊若在生活或心靈上需要幫忙、代禱與關懷,請與許牧師或關懷組許文凱長老聯絡。If any of our brothers and sisters need any help, intercession, or physical and spiritual care, please contact Pastor Hsu or Elder Wenkai Hsu for care during this epidemic.
  4. 前陣子發現有外人趁著深夜,翻牆潛入教會中庭,偷走兩台監視攝影機,日前已修復完畢,請在疫情期間彼此代禱,也求主保守教會平安。Some weeks ago, it was discovered that some outsiders took advantage of our church. They snuck into our courtyard and stole two surveillance cameras. The repairs have been completed a few days ago. Please pray for each other during the epidemic and ask God to keep our church safe.
  5. 為美國近日發生的遊行抗議及警民衝突禱告,避免陷入種族文化岐視,仇恨和暴力的惡性循環,求主保守美國疫情早日得以控制。Pray for the recent protests and conflicts between police and civilians in the United States, to avoid falling into the vicious circle of racial discrimination, hatred, and violence, and pray that the epidemic will be brought under control as soon as possible.
  6. 為年底美國總統大選代禱,求主興起行公義、好憐憫、存謙卑的心,與神同行的領袖,同時為美國醫療體系及醫護人員代禱,求神加添力量並保守他們平安。Pray for the U.S. presidential election at the end of the year, and ask the Lord to raise up leaders who lead with justice, mercy, and humility in their walks with God; also pray for the American medical system and medical personnel, and ask God to strengthen them and keep them safe.
  7. 教會奉獻方法如下: (若有任何問題, 請聯絡 Henry Liao 或 Julia Wang)

Offering methods: (please direct all questions to Henry Liao or Julia Wang)

    • 支票郵寄教會信箱 (mail checks only, NO CASH please)
      Good Shepherd Taiwanese Presbyterian Church
      PO Box 669
      Temple City, CA 91780-0669
    • 線上奉獻 (Zelle online donation)
      Email: 606gstpc@gmail.com

教會行事曆 Church Calendar

      • TUE (7/28) 8:00pm 拉比食堂 Rabbi’s Cafe (張志偉牧師)
      • WED (7/29) 8:00pm 禱告會 Prayer Night (-長老)
      • THU (7/30) 11:00am 山姆的聖詩音樂 Hymn Music With Sam Sun (孫偉志老師)
      • SUN (8/02) 10:00am 聯合禮拜 Sunday Worship Service (黃德利牧師)
      • SUN (8/02) 11:15am 成人主日學—登山寶訓 Adult Sunday School (謝信中牧師)

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