01-01-2023 Sunday Bulletin

新年三願 Three Wishes for the New Year

(歌羅西書 Colossians 1:9-14)

許明遠牧師 Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 本主日是新年的第一日,願上帝祝福滿滿在新的一年。Today is the first Sunday and day of the new year! May God bless you all in 2023!
  2. 本主日舉行新年度新任同工按立和就任,請繼續為所有同工禱告在新年度的事工為神所用。New coworkers are ordained and inaugurated this Sunday. Please continue to pray for all coworkers as they are used by God in the ministry during the new year.
  3. 2022年度的奉獻接收至1月8日截止,支票上請註明是2022年的奉獻。若是還有2022年還未請款的項目,請盡快向財務王灼熒長老申請。Donations for this year will be received until January 8th; please indicate on the check that it is for 2022. If there are still projects that have not been requested for funding in 2022, please contact our treasurer Elder Peter Wang as soon as possible.
  4. 下主日牧師在洛杉磯教會證道和主持長執同工按立及就任,邀請賴俊明牧師在本會證道。Our pastor is preaching next Sunday at the LA church and presiding over their ordination and inauguration of their coworkers; Rev. Lai has been invited to preach at GSTPC next week.
  5. 第一季的服事表在招待桌上,請兄姊填寫可以幫忙分擔事工的項目。The service form for the first season is on the reception table. Brothers and sisters are asked to fill in the items that can help share the ministry.
  6. 宗教教育部將於2023年推動兩種一年讀經計劃:編年史讀經    計劃 (照歷史和時間次序)和聖經一年逐卷讀。祝福弟兄姊妹在新的一年用任何一種讀經方式,一起日日來領受並經歷神話語的大能。The education department will be promoting two yearly Bible reading plans in 2023: the chronological and canonical order. We encourage our brothers and sisters to use any method of reading the Bible in the new year to receive and experience the power of God’s Word every day.
  7. 教會廁所的馬桶比較老舊容易堵塞,提醒大家幫忙不要將物品丟入馬桶中。Our church restrooms have old toilets that clog easily – please help by not throwing things into the toilet. 

代禱 Intercession

  1. 請為何弘吉醫師手術後逐漸恢復和古秀偉弟兄的治療持續代禱和關心。Please continue to pray for Dr. Ho’s recovery and Rick’s father’s treatment.
  2. 為明年新任長執和同工代禱,在新的一年愈服事愈甘甜。Pray for the new coworkers and that our service next year be sweet to the Lord.

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