06-27-2021 Sunday Bulletin



主日信息 Sunday Sermon

「 我們一起面對苦難 Facing Suffering Together 」

彼得前書 1 Peter 5:7-10

黃德利牧師 Rev. David Huang


消息報告 Announcements

  1. 本主日舉行聖餐,用接受葡萄汁和無酵餅來紀念主耶穌基督為我們死、釘在十字架上的恩典。To remember our Lord Jesus Christ who was nailed on the cross and died for us, we received communion together with grape juice and unleavened bread.
  2. 加州已經全面解封,為保護兄姊健康,建議在室內仍配戴口罩,在戶外則不受此限,自行決定,求上帝幫助儘快恢復正常生活。California has officially reopened, but to protect the health of our brothers and sisters, continue to wear masks indoors; outdoors are not subject to this restriction; make your own decision and ask God to help return life to normalcy.
  3. 教會已恢復實體禮拜,邀請兄姊回到教會聚會,兄姊可以有更多交誼;在這段期間,教會同步提供網路禮拜。We have resumed in-person worship. Brothers and sisters are invited to physically return to church for fellowship; the online worship services will still be held at the same time.
  4. 教會在著手準備設堂40週年慶祝的電子紀念冊,將在年底出刊,Vickie長老將率領同工開始向兄姊邀稿,你可以寫一篇文章、錄一段話、甚至唱一首歌,讓我們都貢獻一點點來表達上帝在你身上的恩典。We are preparing an online commemorative album to celebrate GSTPC’s 40th anniversary, and will be published at the end of the year. Elder Vickie is leading and invites brothers and sisters to contribute in articles, recordings, or even singing a song.
  5. 姊妹團契已經在上禮拜五早上恢復聚會,目前以網路方式聚集,希望在七月第三週六可以回到教會聚會。 七月實體聚會將邀請孟芬 Monica,主理,主題是與疫情有關的資訊,歡迎兄姊參加。Sisters’ Fellowship has resumed meetings online, and the first in-person gathering on July 17th (Sat) will be led by Monica with epidemic information; brothers and sisters are welcomed to join.
  6. QT小組每月的第二和第四個星期五晚上八點線上聚會,目前由牧師帶領查考雅各書。QT meets online at 8pm every second and fourth Friday of the month; currently, the pastor is leading the study on the book of James.
  7. 葡萄樹團契每月第三個週六早上10:00聚會,今年團契的方向是「下一代的教養」,透過分享代禱讓父母知道如何引導孩子,進而享受和諧的親子關係。七月的主題為「管教必勝秘訣」。Vineyard Fellowship meets at 10am on the third Saturday of every month. This year’s direction is “The Upbringing of the Next Generation.” Through sharing and intercession, parents will learn how to guide their children and enjoy a harmonious parent-child relationship. July’s theme is “The Secret to Victory in Discipline.”


關懷 & 代禱 Caring & Intercession

    1. 本會短宣隊錄製網上課程來提供給台灣需要的教會來使用,請為短宣隊信心長老和英語事工的年輕人投入此事工來代禱。Pray for our EM and STM team as they record online courses for churches in Taiwan to use.
    2. 繼續為台灣疫情代禱,能在取得疫苗和施打疫苗上獲得順利。Continue praying for the epidemic situation in Taiwan, that their vaccination process will be smooth.
    3. 為身體欠安的兄姊禱告,「因祂受的刑罰我們得平安,因祂受的鞭傷我們得醫治。」Pray for our brothers and sisters in poor health, for “upon Him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with His wounds we are healed.”

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