12-06-2020 Sunday Bulletin


主日信息 Sunday Sermon

「以悔改預備我們的心, 進入聖誕 Entering Christmas With A Heart of Repentance」 

郭東緒牧師 Pastor Kuo

馬太福音 Matthew 3:1-12


消息報告 Announcements

  1. 本主日為「待降節第三主日」,點燃第三根紫色蠟燭代表「喜樂」 ,因為耶穌基督降生帶給我們光明與盼望,讓我們在待降節期,透過靈修默想主耶穌的降生。This Sunday is the third Sunday of Advent, and the third purple candle represents “joy.” The birth of Jesus Christ brings us light and joy. Let us prepare and meditate on the meaning of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. 週五 (12/11) 晚上8:00 PM有「QT小組」聚會。QT is meeting this Friday at 8pm.
  3. 本會訂於12/23晚上八點,透過Zoom舉行聖誕晚會,節目精彩可期,包括敬拜讚美、EM “說” 聖誕故事,聖誕信息、聖誕組曲表演,晚會後有餘興節目Christmas game,備有小禮物,歡迎闔家一起參加。GSTPC’s Christmas program will be held 12/23 on Zoom with worship, EM narrating Christmas stories, messages, performances, and games after the party. There will be prizes, and families are welcomed to join.
  4. 影音直播小組訂於12/18 (週五) 晚上8:00開放網路頻道,幫助大家熟習使用Zoom軟體,若有任何問題,歡迎大家上網參加。If you need help connecting or familiarizing yourself with Zoom, the live stream team will be open to demonstrate and guide you this Friday (12/18) at 8pm. If you have any questions, you are welcome to participate online.
  5. 美國總統大選結束,求神保守移交過程順利,求神賜能力、智慧給新的執政掌權者,存行公義、好憐憫、存謙卑的心,與主同行的心,帶領百姓走在正道。At the end of the US presidential election, ask God to keep the handover process smooth and give the new ruling authority and wisdom to be righteous, compassionate, humble, walking with the Lord, and leading the people on the right path.
  6. 最近疫情再度爆發,請兄姊出門時注意安全距離,戴口罩、勤消毒洗手,同時為疫苗的開發代禱,求神醫治患者並保守平安。The epidemic has been on the rise again recently. Please pay attention and keep safe distance when you go out, wear masks, disinfect and wash your hands frequently, and pray for the development of vaccines, asking God to heal those affected and to keep them safe.


教會行事曆 Church Calendar

      • 12/09 (WED) 08:00pm Prayer Night 禱告會 (Elder Kevin Hsu 許文凱長老)
      • 12/13 (SUN) 10:00am TPC Worship Service 聯合主日禮拜 (Pastor Hsu 許明遠牧師)

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