9-8-19 Sunday Bulletin

今日信息 / Sunday Sermon

「從腓利門書學到的三件事 Three Lessons Learned from Philemon」

許明遠 牧師

腓利門書 Philemon 1-21

§ 消息報告 / Announcements §

  1. 音響設備已經更新完成。教會另外還在進行修繕包括地板、油漆、燈光等,期待教會和教室地區帶來舒適安全的敬拜環境,所有整修工程完成大約需要預算 $25,000,預計在牧師就任典禮前全部完工,請兄姊關心奉獻和代禱。
  2. 9月28 日禮拜六下午兩點在教會舉行許明遠牧師就任好牧者教會第三任主任牧師授職禮拜,中會會派牧師來主持典禮,本會也將邀請眾教會一起參與慶典,請為這此盛事代禱,願一切籌備和參與順利榮耀主名。
  3. 第四季服事登記表在招待桌上,請兄姊踴躍來參與教會事奉。
  4. 本週六上午十點TPC常委會在好牧者教會召開,請牧師和常委出席。
  5. 9月15日是TPC 紀念主日,張宣信牧師來本會講道,本會牧師前往爾灣教會。
  6. 9 月 26 日-28 日世界台灣人基督教會聯盟 WATCC 年會將於在好牧者教會舉行,屆時將有來自世界各地的教會代表前來與會。請特別為大會的統籌安排代禱,也為黃德利牧師負責接洽聯繫事務代禱。
  7. 需要特別探訪及代禱的個人或家庭,請與關懷組廖長老或許牧師娘聯絡,以便安排探訪時間。
  8. 平時若有事情通知或聯絡,許牧師手機 714-276-7519,周美玲牧師娘手機 714-787-7155。
  1. This past week, GSTPC’s audio equipment has been successfully in-
    stalled; flooring, painting, and lighting are expected to be completed in the following few weeks. The expected cost of these renovations will be $25,000, prayerfully completed before the conference at the end of the
    month. Please continue praying for this major project.
  2. Installation service for Pastor Ming Yuan Hsu to GSTPC will be held on
    9/28 (Sat) at 2pm. Please pray for the preparation of this celebration.
  3. The fourth quarter service sign-up is available at the reception desk in the lobby. All are invited to participate in church service.
  4. On September 14th, the TPC Standing Committee will be held at GSTPC, and the pastor and committee are invited to attend.
  5. On 9/15, Rev. Billy Chang from Irvine TPC will be preaching here at
    GSTPC, and Pastor Hsu will preach in Irvine for the TPC Sunday pulpit
  6. World Alliance of Taiwanese Christian Churches (WATCC) will be
    hosting its annual conference here at GSTPC on 9/26-9/28. Please pray for the event, and especially for Rev. David Huang, who is the key logistical contact person here in US.
  7. For pastoral visitations or intercessory prayer needs, please contact Elder Henry or the pastor’s wife, Mrs. Hsu.
  8. Contact information for prayers or visitations: Pastor Hsu (714) 276-7519 / Mrs. Hsu (714) 787-7155

<肢體關懷與代禱事項 CARE & PRAYER> 
● 請為身體欠安、慕道的兄姐關心代禱及鼓勵。
Please pray for those who are sick, or in need, to receive God’s comfort and strength.

金句 / Key Verse


“If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and
to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

 (約翰一書 1 John 1:8-9)

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