6-30-19 Sunday Bulletin

今日信息 / Sunday Sermon

「Learning and Healing in Faith 信仰中的學習與治癒」

林雍肇 宣教師

路加福音 Luke 5:17-26

§ 消息報告 / Announcements §

  1. 感謝本會所支持的巴西宣教師Frank Lin 回到我們當中,感謝他今天的講道和分享,請繼續關心他和全家在巴西的服事,願上帝帶領他們在巴西原住民當中作美好的事工。
  2. 感謝蘇牧師在這一年當中幫助教會事工, 今天正式結束本會的服事, 牧師已接受美國長老教會總會亞洲人教會事工幹事的職位, 願上帝藉著牧師在總會的職位帶給亞洲教會許多的祝福,請兄姊繼續為蘇牧師夫婦祈禱。
  3. 許明遠牧師明天7月1日正式上任好牧者教會的主任牧師,我們也當支持和扶持牧師所要進行的事工和計畫,請為牧師牧師娘祈禱在他們服事新的旅程上有上帝繼續引導。
  4. 下主日為了歡迎和慶祝新牧師上任,執事會特別舉辦「歡迎一夏」剉冰甜品活動,在歡樂的氣氛中獻感謝上帝帶領並歡迎許牧師夫婦來到我們教會。
  5. 暑期台灣短宣隊已經出發,本週服事花蓮東昌長老教會(6/29-7/5),下週阿里山茶山教會(7/6-7/13),請繼續為隊員身體、當地教會及參與的學生得著福音來代禱。
  6. 第三季的事工服事表已印好在招待桌上,請每家庭拿一張,也為著服事的兄姊代禱。
  1. We thank and bless Pastor Frank Lin’s preaching and sharing today. May the Lord continue to establish the work on their hands.
  2. We appreciate Rev. Ralph Su this whole year’s teaching, leading and building. Rev. Su is embarking on a new journey to Kentucky as Associate for Asian Intercultural Congregational Support of
  3. Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu will be our pastor starting 7/1. Please pray for Lord’s guidance and providence on Rev. and Mrs. Hsu as they start their ministry here at GSTPC.
  4. Next Sunday we will have a Shave ice party to welcome new pastor.
  5. Taiwan Short Term Mission is serving at Hualien this week (6/29~7/5), and then Alishan (7-6~7/13) Please pray for the crew’s spiritual and body strength, and for that God’s Word will spread and be
    honored wherever they go.
  6. Third quarter ministry roster is ready at reception desk. Please grab a copy and pray for each other
    to walk in a manner worthy of the calling You have given us.

<肢體關懷與代禱事項 CARE & PRAYER> 
● 請為繼續為2019好牧者暑期台灣短宣隊代禱。
Continue to pray for 2019 Taiwan STM’s spiritual and health of the team.
● 請為身體欠安、慕道的兄姐關心代禱及鼓勵。
Please pray for those who are sick, or in need, to receive God’s comfort and strength.

金句 / Key Verse

因為姻既然識上帝,若是無榮光伊做上帝,亦無感謝伊, 就是姻的思想變做空空,姻 曉悟的心變做黑暗。

For although they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks to Him,
but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened.

(羅馬書 Romans 1:21 )

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