12-18-2022 Sunday Bulletin


主日信息 Sunday Sermon

「 與咱同在,以馬內利 Emmanuel, Be With Us 」

賽 Is. 7:14, 太 Matt. 1:21-23

許明遠牧師 Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu


消息報告 Announcements

  1. 本主日待降節第四週是「仁愛」,第四支蠟燭代表仁愛,表明上帝對世人的愛,祂吩咐我們要彼此相愛。本主日也舉行聖餐來紀念主耶穌為我們的愛和犧牲。Today is the fourth Sunday of Advent, and the fourth candle represents “love,” of God’s love for the world and His commandment that we love each other. We are also observing communion to remember the love and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. 下主日12月25日聖誕節上午讚美主日,下午有報佳音,歡迎邀請兄姊一同參加,慶祝主耶穌誕生的日子。Next Sunday (12/25) is Christmas Sunday! We will have our celebration service in the morning and caroling in the afternoon. We invite our brothers and sisters to join us in celebrating our Lord’s birth.
  3. 12月26日禮拜一晚上8點網上召開長執會,請2023年新長執同工參加。A board meeting will be held online on December 26 (Monday) at 8pm, and new coworkers for 2023 are invited to attend.
  4. 12月29-31日EM將參加TPC舉辦的winter retreat在Kernville,主題「My Life with Jesus」由各教會EM leaders來帶領,請代禱。EM is participating in TPC’s winter retreat on 12/29-31 at Kernville. The theme is “My Life with Jesus” and it will be led by our EM; please keep them in prayer.
  5. 1月1日舉行新年度新任同工就任,請所有新任長執和各團契小組負責同工預備心參加。Our new coworkers installation will be on January 1; all new coworkers and fellowship group leaders are welcomed to participate.

關懷 & 代禱 Caring & Intercession

  1. 何弘吉醫師手術後逐漸恢復中,求上帝繼續醫治及保守平安,請兄姊繼續關心代禱。Dr. Ho is still slowly recovering after the operation; please continue to pray that God would heal him and keep him safe.
  2. 為Rick的爸爸古秀偉弟兄口腔癌的治療,之前標拔治療效果不佳,現在改用動脈導管化療,雖然在療程當中體力仍然良好,感謝主,請繼續代禱。Please continue to pray for the oral cancer treatment of Rick’s father – he is now undertaking arterial catheter chemotherapy. But we thank God that his physical strength is still stable during the treatments.
  3. 為明年新任長執和同工代禱,在新的一年愈服事愈甘甜。Pray for the new coworkers and that our service next year be sweet to the Lord.

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