12-03-2023 Sunday Bulletin


You Are the Church After God’s Own Heart

(腓立比書 Philippians 2:5-11)

謝信中牧師 Rev. Joshua Hsieh

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 本主日是好牧者教會設教43週年紀念日,感謝謝中信牧師講道勉勵,感謝上帝恩典帶領好牧者教會經過恩典豐盛的43年日,將一切感謝榮耀獻給上帝。Today is our church’s 43rd anniversary! We would like to thank Rev. Joshua Hsieh for his encouraging sermon, and thank God for His grace in leading Good Shepherd Church through all these 43 years!
  2. 本主日開始到24日是「待降節」, 基督徒應該深深思想主耶穌來臨的 目的,是靈修、懺悔、等候和預備的節 期,以悔改的心來反省並求主重新誕生 在我們心中,使我們的靈命得到更新。 From this Sunday to the 24th is the Feast of Advent. It is a time when Christians reflect about the purpose of Jesus’ coming and time to participate in spiritual practices of repentance, waiting, and preparation for Jesus’ birth.
  3. 感謝大家參與英文事工和兒童事工 支持Children’s Hunger Fund 食物捐助, 上週活動結束後總共送出了26 盒食品, 在聖誕節期幫助需要的兒童。 We thank all who participated in the Children’s Hunger Fund food drive hosted by the English Ministry and Children’s Ministry. We have delivered 26 boxes of food to help children in need during this Christmas season.
  4. Chapel 進行拆除地毯鋪設新地板的 工程,感謝財產部負責工程的進行 和督導,預計在下週完工。 Chapel is under construction with carpet removal and new flooring. We thank our facility and property department for carrying out and supervising the work – it is expected to be completed next week.
  5. 12月16日中午12點在教會舉行同 工感恩餐會吃火鍋和羊肉爐, 歡迎今年有參與服事的所有同 工與家人一同參加。 Our coworkers’ thanksgiving hot pot will be held at the church on December 16th (Sat) at 12pm. All coworkers who participated in serving the church this year are welcome to attend with their families.
  6. 12月24日是聖誕節讚美主日, 是紀念主耶穌降生的日子, 歡迎邀請親友一起 參加當天的崇拜。 December 24th is Christmas Sunday, a day to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus! Relatives and friends are invited to join in the worship that day.
  7. 2024 教會月曆已送達,有長型、 短型,並有幾份桌上月曆, 請兄姐在招待處自行領取, 一家一份。 Brothers and sisters are invited to pick up the 2024 church calendar at the lobby table. There are long and short types, and several desktop calendars; one calendar per household.

代禱 Intercession

  1. 為自己在今年當中上帝的恩典獻上感謝;為上 帝在每位弟兄姊妹新的一年中生活的方向和計 畫。Give thanks for God’s grace this year; pray for God’s direction and plan for each brother’s and sister’s life in the new year.
  2. 為2024年新同工的服事和新事工的計畫與進行, 一切走在上帝的旨意中。Pray for the new coworkers and 2024 ministry events, that everything will be in God’s will.
  3. 為何弘吉醫師、古秀偉、王淑玲、鄧淑貞 長老、胡紹禎、藍老師以及身體欠安的兄 姊代禱。Pray for Dr. Ho, Brother Ku, Brother Wang, Elder Teng, Brother Hu, Teacher Lan, and all our brothers and sisters who are in poor health.

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