11-15-2020 Sunday Bulletin


主日信息 Sunday Sermon

「引人歧途 Lead Astray」 

李洋誌牧師 Pastor Lee

阿摩司書 Amos 2:4-5


消息報告 Announcements

  1. 週五(11/20)上午10:00有「拉比分享小組」,晚上8:00有「QT小組」,歡迎兄姊參加。 This Friday, there will be Rabbi Sharing Group at 10am and QT Fellowship at 8pm. Brothers and sisters are welcome to join.
  2. 美國總統大選暫時告一段落,求神保守移交過程順利,並化解選舉時的對立和衝突,同心為新選出的總統祈禱。 The U.S. presidential election has come to an end for the time being. Pray that God will make the handover transition process smooth, resolve the opposition and conflicts during the election, and help the newly elected president.
  3. 為COVID-19疫情的控制以及開發病毒疫苗的專家禱告,願神賜智慧給制定法律的官員,有效防止疫情擴散,並且讓商家與經濟得到復甦。 Pray for the experts dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic and the development of virus vaccines. May God give wisdom to the officials who are passing laws to prevent the virus spread and allow businesses and the economy to recover.


教會行事曆 Church Calendar

      • 11/18 (WED) 08:00pm Prayer Night 禱告會 (Christina Lee 李郁文執事)
      • 11/20 (FRI) 10:00am Rabbi Sharing Group 拉比分享小組 (Pastor Hsu 許明遠牧師)
      • 11/20 (FRI) 08:00pm QT Fellowship 小組 (Judy Huang 林幼麗姐妹)
      • 11/22 (SUN) 10:00am TPC Thanksgiving Service 感恩主日禮拜 (Pastor Hsieh 謝信光牧師)

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