08-30-2020 Sunday Bulletin

主日信息 Sunday Sermon

「命貴來自教育  Education Brings Value to Life」

陳柏志牧師 Pastor Chen

詩篇 Psalm 119:1-9


消息報告 Announcements

  1. 週五(9/4)上午10:00「拉比分享小組」聚會,歡迎兄姊參加。Every Friday at 10am, the “Rabbi’s Café Sharing Group” will keep to discussing the past week’s topic. Brothers and sisters are welcomed to join.
  2. 週五(9/4)晚上8:00「QT小組」聚會,以「活潑的生命」分享及代禱,歡迎兄姊參加。Every Friday, the QT Group will meet at 8pm and will use “Living Life” as their material to share and pray for each other. Brothers and sisters are welcome to participate.
  3. 週六(9/5)晚上8:00召開九月份長執會,請長執準時參加。This Saturday (9/5), there will be a board meeting at 8pm. Board members, please be on time.
  4. 鄧淑貞長老需要有經驗的居家護理的人,若認識適合的人選,請與許牧師或小會員聯絡。Elder Tang plans to move back home and needs experienced home care. If you or a brother or sister knows a suitable candidate, please contact Pastor Hsu or an elder.
  5. 由於疫情關係,居家隔離及限制仍將持續進行,求主保守心理和情緒受影響的兄弟姊妹,能得到團契彼此的關懷和扶持。Due to the epidemic situation, home isolation and restrictions will continue. Please protect the brothers and sisters who are psychologically and emotionally affected, so that they can get care and support from each other in the fellowship.
  6. 為COVID-19疫情控制、醫護人員的安全、疫苗研究的進度、政府和決策者有智慧的領導、家庭和教會適應新的生活方式、企業和家庭面對財務壓力、服務業人員的安全代禱。Pray for the control of the COVID-19 epidemic, the safety of medical staff, the progress of vaccine research, the intelligent leadership of the government and decision makers, families and churches to adapt to the new lifestyle, the financial pressure of enterprises and families, and the safety of service personnel.
  7. 為年底美國總統大選代禱,求主興起行公義、好憐憫、存謙卑的心,與神同行的領袖,同時為美國醫療體系及醫護人員代禱,求神加添力量並保守他們平安。Pray for the US presidential election at the end of the year, asking the Lord to raise up leaders who are righteous, compassionate, humble, and walk with God. At the same time, pray for the American medical system and medical staff, asking God to strengthen and keep them safe.

教會行事曆 Church Calendar

      • TUE (9/1) 8:00pm 拉比食堂 Rabbi’s Cafe (黃兆崙老師)
      • WED (9/2) 8:00pm 禱告會 Prayer Night (劉詠良執事)
      • THU (9/3) 11:00am 山姆的聖詩音樂 Hymn Music With Sam Sun (孫偉志老師)
      • FRI (9/4) 8:00pm QT 小組 (林幼麗姐妹)
      • SUN (9/6) 10:00am 聯合禮拜 Sunday Worship Service (陳美蕙牧師)
      • SUN (9/6) 11:15am 成人主日學 Adult Sunday School (蘇惠智牧師)

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