06-25-2023 Sunday Bulletin

好牧者教會 Good Shepherd Church

(以弗所書 Ephesians 4:11-13)

鄭宏輝牧師 Rev. Cheng

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 感謝鄭宏輝牧師今主日的講道,願上帝祝福施恩滿滿。We thank Rev. Cheng for his sermon today, may God bless him.
  2. 「讓全世界都知道」系列影集在崇拜後重新推出,請兄姐留步在大堂觀賞影片。We will continue watching “That the World May Know” after worship today. Brothers and sisters are welcome to stay and learn with us.
  3. 請兄姊踴躍參與主日服事,請在招待桌填寫下一季服事表。Brothers and sisters are invited to participate in church ministries together; the sign-up sheet for usher service is on the lobby table.
  4. 2023一年讀經第三季計劃表在招待桌上,請兄姐自行領取。The third quarter of our annual Bible reading plans are on the lobby table, brothers and sisters are welcome to pick it up.
  5. 兒童夏令營 Jesus: My Savior and My Friend 從7/31 至 8/4 (週一至週五). 上午9:00到下午4:00。活動內容:唱遊、聖經故事、手工、遊戲、美食和新朋友。歡迎5至12歲的小朋友參加。費用 $50,詳情請洽王信心。Our church is having a children’s summer camp with the theme “Jesus: My Savior and My Friend” from 7/31 to 8/4 (Monday to Friday), 9am to 4pm. Activities include singing, Bible stories, crafts, games, food, and new friends. Children aged 5 to 12 are welcome to participate, and the fee is $50. Please contact Elder Julia Wang for more details.
  6. 7月16日將在Fullerton Craig Regional Park 舉行野外禮拜,中餐BBQ烤肉,歡迎邀請親友一起參加。Our field service and BBQ is on July 16th at Fullerton Craig Regional Park! Brothers and sisters are welcome to invite their relatives and friends.
  7. 英文事工報告 EM Announcements: 
    • 英文事工團隊在上週參與在Arcadia Bible Times Adventure VBS,願上帝紀念他們的服事。English Ministry served at Bible Times Adventure VBS in Arcadia this past week! May God bless their service.
    • 下週英文事工兩位同工Daniel和Joshua將參加在Master’s University 所舉辦的CYIA (Christian Youth in Action) 夏季傳福音訓練,請為他們代禱,求上帝使用他們在禾場上傳福音。Two leaders from our English Ministry is attending the summer evangelism training Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) at Master’s University this upcoming week! Please keep Daniel and Joshua in prayer as they go out in the field spreading the gospel.
    • 英文事工將參與Children Hunger Fund的事工幫助飢餓的兒童,食物捐贈活動將從 今日開始,同工會說明食物如何收集,也會有樣本展示在招待桌,活動將進行到7月9日截止,請兄姊踴躍參與。English Ministry is hosting a food drive with the organization Children’s Hunger Fund. They will explain more how we will collect it today, and will have examples back at the lobby area. We will collect food items until 7/9 (Sunday).

代禱 Intercession

  1. 為暑假期間兒童和年青學生的事工和活動代禱。Pray for the summer activities of our Children’s Ministry and English Ministry.
  2. 求神復興教會,長執及兄姊同心合意,委身於禱告、傳揚福音、並彼此相愛,追求「在主裡建造、在愛中興旺」的目標。Pray for our church revival, that we all be of one mind, commit ourselves to prayer, spread the gospel, love each other, and pursue the goal of “building in the Lord and thriving in love.”
  3. 為何弘吉醫師、古秀偉、王淑玲、高滿紀、鄧淑貞長老、胡紹禎、藍老師以及身體欠安的兄姊代禱。Pray for Dr. Ho, Brother Ku, Brother Wang, Brother Ku, Elder Teng, Brother Hu, Teacher Lan, and all brothers and sisters who are in poor health.

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