06-12-2022 Sunday Bulletin


主日信息 Sunday Sermon

「 聖餐默想—餅與杯 Communion Meditation—Bread and Wine 」

林前 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

許明遠牧師 Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu


消息報告 Announcements

  1. 本主日舉行聖餐,透過餅和葡萄汁來紀念主耶穌為我們而死的恩典。We remember the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ by observing the Lord’s Supper today.
  2. 下主日是父親節,禮拜後教會將舉辦福音餐會/園遊會,有各式台灣小吃和聖經經文抽籤的活動為每位爸爸慶祝,歡迎邀請父親和慕道友參加。有意願幫忙參與煮食和當天攤位上的幫忙,請向許文凱長老報名。Next Sunday is Father’s Day! The church will be holding a lunch/garden party after the service. There will be a variety of Taiwanese snacks and Bible scripture lottery activities for each father to celebrate. If you are willing to help cook or manage the booths that day, please register with Elder WenKai.
  3. 本會六位青少年將參加 CEF CYIA (Christian Youth in Action) 暑期宣教訓練,小會決議將全額補助,也邀請兄弟姊妹一起奉獻參與支持我們的年青人為傳福音的培訓,有意為此奉獻請開支票給教會並註明為CYIA. Six of our young people will be participating in CEF’s CYIA (Christian Youth in Action), a summer mission training, and our church has decided to fully sponsor them. If you would like to help support our young people’s training for evangelism, please write a check to the church and mark it as “CYIA.”
  4. 教會在 Facebook 臉書上有網頁,兄姊有使用臉書者請加入好友,可以看到教會的消息和動態。Brothers and sisters who use Facebook, please follow our church’s Facebook page for the latest news and events in the church.


關懷 & 代禱 Caring & Intercession

    1. 為父親節教會的慶祝活動和福音事工。Pray for our Father’s Day church celebrations and evangelism.
    2. 為身體欠安和年老無法來教會或使用網路禮拜的兄姊禱告。Pray for the brothers and sisters who are ill, unable to come to church, or unable to access the online worship.

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