04-03-2022 Sunday Bulletin


主日信息 Sunday Sermon

「 你愛耶穌嗎?Do You Love Jesus? 」

馬可福音 Mark 14:1-11

許明遠牧師 Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu


消息報告 Announcements

  1. 請繼續在40天的大齋節期中一起來思考「你願為主捨棄嗎?」並親身力行。Please continue to think about “What Should You Give Up for the Lent 2022“ together during the 40 days of Lent and observe it.
  2. 復活節期時間表 Easter Dates:
    a.  3/2-4/14—大齋節期 Lent
    b.  4/10—棕櫚樹主日 Palm Sunday
    c.  4/15—受難日: 禮拜五晚上TPC聯合聚會 Good Friday: TPC Joint Service
    d. 4/17—復活節主日 Easter Sunday
  3. 4月15日受難日聯合禮拜晚上八點將在本會舉行,網路也將同步撥放,歡迎所有兄姊參加實體或是網路禮拜。The joint Good Friday service (4/15) will be held at our church and will also be on livestream; all brothers and sisters are welcome to participate in-person or online.
  4. 今日下午三點召開長執會,請長執參加。Board meeting today at 3pm; elders and deacons, please attend.
  5. 2022通訊錄初稿已完成,禮拜後請在大餐廳做最後的資料確認。The first draft for 2022 address book has been completed, please verify in the back dining room after service.


關懷 & 代禱 Caring & Intercession

    1. 持續為俄羅斯侵略烏克蘭的戰爭代禱,求上帝憐憫無辜百姓的生命,上戰場的士兵和逃離烏克蘭的難民,讓這場戰爭盡快平息。Continue to pray for Russia’s war against Ukraine, and ask God for mercy on innocent lives, the soldiers in the frontlines, and the refugees who are fleeing Ukraine, and for this war to end as soon as possible.
    2. 為教會週間網路聚會禱告 – 週三禱告會、週四早上查經團契和週五晚上QT查經。Pray for the church’s weekly online gatherings: Wednesday prayer meeting, Thursday morning Bible study, and Friday night QT Bible study.
    3. 為身體欠安和年老無法來教會或使用網路禮拜的兄姊禱告。Pray for the brothers and sisters who are ill, unable to come to church, or use the online worship.

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