01-29-2023 Sunday Bulletin

生命的改造 Transformation of Life

(羅馬 Romans 6:1-14)

黃德利牧師 Rev. David Huang

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 感謝黃德利牧師今早主日的信息,願上帝祝福恩上加恩。We thank Rev. David Huang for his message today, may God continue to bless him greatly.
  2. 今年開始主日禮拜前9:45有會前祈禱的時間,請兄姊提前到教會預備心。We now have a pre-meeting prayer time at 9:45am before the Sunday service. Please come in advance to prepare your hearts.
  3. 2月26日禮拜後將召開春季會員大會,請各部會在2月19日之前將2022年度報告交給小會書記邱長老。Our spring congregational meeting will be held after the church service on 2/26. All leaders of ministries and fellowship groups, please submit your 2022 annual report to Elder Naomi before 2/19.
  4. 2023一年讀經第一季計劃表在招待桌上,請兄姐自行領取,在新的一年用任何一種讀經方式日日領受恩典並經歷神話語的大能。The 2023 annual Bible reading plans are on the reception table. Brothers and sisters are welcomed to take one and use any daily reading plan to receive God’s grace and experience the power of His Word.
  5. 許牧師和牧師娘從1/16至2/9休假回台,請代禱他們有好的休息及平安的旅途。Our pastor and his wife will be in Taiwan from 1/16-2/9. Please pray for their safe journey and rest.
  6. 2023年各部門負責長執如下 2023 Department Leaders:
    • 書記 Clerk: 邱瑜嫩 Naomi Chiu
    • 財務部 Finance: 王灼熒 Peter Wang, 李郁文 Christina Lee
    • 關懷部 Caring: 劉泳良 Marco Liu, 李郁文 Christina Lee
    • 宗育部 Education: 王信心 Julia Wang, 王子銘 Jeremy Wang
    • 崇拜部 Worship: 黄義弘 John Huang, 廖頌慈 Esther Liao
    • 傳道部 Outreach: 蕭錫恩 Eric Hsiao, 王子銘 Jeremy Wang
    • 財產管理部 Facility & Property: 王灼熒 Peter Wang, 余達 David Yu

代禱 Intercession

  1. 請繼續為何弘吉醫師、古秀偉弟兄和陳夏蓮長老的身體病痛和恢復代禱。Please continue to pray for Dr. Ho, Brother Ku, and Sister Chen for their recovery and health.
  2. 為今年兄弟姊妹專注在讀經、禱告和團契上追求與上帝和兄姊的關係。Pray for brothers’ and sisters’ Bible reading, prayer, and fellowship this year while pursuing their relationship with God and one another.

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