4-7-19 Sunday Bulletin

今日信息 / Sunday Sermon

「好牧者與我 Good Shepherd and I」

蘇惠智 牧師

路加福音 Luke 10:21-24

§ 消息報告 / Announcements §

  1. 第二季裝備課程從今天開始:1) 活潑的生命讀經分享(台語)2) How About Your Faith? 信仰座談(英語) 3) 信仰要理問答(台語,英語)繼續未完的課程。
  2. 第二季服事表已經印好在招待桌上,請每一家庭拿一份。
  3. 活泉團契於下主日(4/14) 舉行例會, 由許文凱長老主理, 歡迎兄姐參加聚會。
  4. 本會關懷的兩間台灣東部小型教會奇美教會和橄樹教會,兩位實習生的成果報告, 己經張貼在公佈欄。請兄姐為這些教會的需要以及服事的神學生代禱。
  5. 2019年暑期台灣短宣今年將服事花蓮東昌長老教會以及阿里山茶山教會。募款目標$8,500.,目前募到 $4,619,請兄姊繼續關心奉獻, 也為課程準備、隊員訓練、當地教會招生及預備心來代禱
  6. 4月21日復活節主日將舉行聖禮典,準備接受成人洗禮、幼兒洗禮、轉籍或堅信禮的兄姊或家庭,請與牧師或長老聯絡,也請兄姊在禱告中為此紀念。
  7. 6月7日到9日(五-日) TPC聯合靈修會將於Murrieta Calvary Chapel Conference Center舉行,大會主題《活出基督: 突破 更新》,台語營講員為張景祥牧師,英語營講員Dr. John Marriott,兒童營由 GSTPC 兒童事工團隊負責。報名已經開跑,本會將協助
    交通接送,請兄姊踴躍參加。本會補助費用成人$80 小孩$55,5/5 前報名繳費者享有早鳥優待。今年由好牧者教會來主辦,也請為整個籌備團隊和執行過程來代禱。
  8. 教會為鼓勵兄弟姊妹參加三天兩夜TPC靈修會,6月7日禮拜五和回程9日將為需要交通的兄姊安排接送,若是有需要請向許文凱長老登記。
  9. NTPC年會4/29~5/1將在芝加哥舉行,邀請聖經公會彭國瑋牧師做專講,主題為《面對巨變中的社會》。另外也規劃台美人二代牧師來做英文專題分享。蘇牧師將代表本會出席,鼓勵兄姊、青年朋友一同參與。
  1. 2nd hour equipping will have 2 new classes staring Today. a) Living Life QT sharing (in Taiwanese)  b) How About Your Faith (in English). Study Catechism ( In Taiwanese and English) will continue.
  2. Fundraise for 2019 Taiwan Short Term Mission has begun. The goal is set at $8,500 with $4,619 reached. This year we will be going to Hualien and Alishan serving two churches.
  3. 2nd quarter ministry roster printout is ready at reception desk
  4. Two small churches in Hualien GSTPC are currently supporting mailed us their status report letters.
    Letters are posted on bulletin board, and please take a moment to review, and continue to pray for
    these churches.
  5. Easter sacraments— those who are ready to receive baptism, confirmation, or membership transfer, please contact Soboksu or elders.
  6. 2019 TPC joint retreat will be held 6/7~6/9. GSTPC is hosting it so please set aside your time to participate. Early bird special until 5/5: GSTPC will pay registration $80/adult and $55 child 7-12yrs.
  7. To encourage TPC retreat participation, GSTPC will help to provide transportation on Friday and Sunday(6/7 & 6/9). Contact Elder WenKai if you need a lift.
  8. NTPC Young Adult Conference will be held in Chicago 4/29~5/1. The theme for this year’s conference is
    “Facing Great Changes in the Church”. Contact Vickie for more information.

<肢體關懷與代禱事項 CARE & PRAYER> 
● 請為好牧者今年六月主辦TPC聯合靈修會的籌備過程代禱。
GSTPC is hosting this year’s TPC retreat. Please pray for the planning and preparation.
● 請為2019好牧者暑期台灣短宣隊靈性上的預備代禱。
For 2019 Taiwan STM’s spiritual preparation and development of the team.
● 請為身體欠安、慕道的兄姐關心代禱及鼓勵。
Please pray for those who are sick, or in need, to receive God’s comfort and strength.

金句 / Key Verse
For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.
(腓利比 Phil. 2:13)

鄰舍 Defining“neighbor”
• 我如何得永生 How to get eternal life?
• 愛上帝愛鄰舍 Love God and neighbor
• 誰是我的鄰舍 Who is my neighbor?
• 那個憐憫人的 The one who acts kindly
• 你去照樣做吧 Go and do the same
36 耶穌問彼個律法教師:「你想,此三個人叨一個是互強盜搶彼個人的厝邊?」
37 伊應講:「給伊憐憫彼個。」
36 “What do you think? Which of the three became a neighbor to the man attacked by robbers?”
37 “The one who treated him kindly,” the religion scholar responded.
Jesus said, “Go and do the same.”

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