12-1-19 Sunday Bulletin

今日信息 / Sunday Sermon

行在光明中 Waking in the light of the Lord

周宏毅 牧師

以賽亞書 Isaiah 2:2-5

§ 消息報告 / Announcements §

      1. 12月7日為本會設教39年,特別邀請周宏毅牧師來本會分享「你所讀的,你明白嗎?」,感謝周牧師帶給我們豐富靈命的餵養,願上帝祝福牧師在他所做的事工滿受祝福。
      2. 上主日UWest19位同學來參加本會的感恩節崇拜和活動,得到很多激勵也認識很多新朋友,請繼續為他們的學業身體和信仰來代禱,也感謝教會同工的參與。
      3. 12月14日禮拜六下午3點半在本會將舉辦一場聖誕音樂會,本會詩班將獻唱「看哪! 那顆星」,同時也將邀請幾個單位一起參與: 南加州台灣客家合唱團、第一台灣基督長老教會直笛詩班、羅省東區宣道會詩班,請邀請親友一起來參加。
      4. 12月15日主日舉行聖禮典,請準備心領受聖餐,有意受洗或是轉籍加入本會的兄姊,請向小會書記李怡靚長老報名。
      5. 12月22日主日聖誕讚美禮拜之後下午要去報佳音,有歡迎教會前往報佳音的家庭請向蕭錫恩執事報名。
      6. <教會行事曆>
        • 11/29-12/1 (週五—主日) 聖經特會
        • 12/14 (週六) 聖誕音樂饗宴
        • 12/21 (週六) 年終長執同工感恩聚餐
        • 12/22 (主日) 聖誕節讚美禮拜
        • 12/26-28 (週四—週六) EM Winter Retreat
        • 1/5/2020 (主日) 新任長執同工就任
    1. 1. To celebrate GSTPC 39th anniversary, Rev. William Chou has been invited to give a special seminar of “ Do You Understand What You Are Reading?” We give thanks to the Lord for Rev. Chou and for this special gathering. May the Lord bless and establish the works on Rev. Chou’s hand.
      2. On December 14th, there will be a Christmas concert at 3:30pm in the sanctuary. Our church choir will sing “Behold! The Star” along with the Southern California Taiwan Hakka Choir, the First Taiwanese Presbyterian Church of Pasadena’s Flute Choir, and the San Gabriel Valley Alliance Church . Please invite your family and friends to this special event!
      3. We will have Holy Sacraments on 12/15 Sunday. Please prepare heart to partake the Lord’s table. For all who are ready for baptism or membership transfer, please contact the Pastor or Elder Vickie.
      4. We will go Christmas Caroling on 12/22 after service. For those family who are willing to receive the caroling blessings, please contact Deacon Eric.
      5. Last week we have 19 international students from University of the West came to worship and celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Please continue to pray for their studies in the U.S and for their faith. GSTPC appreciates all the help form church members.
      5. < Church Calendar >
    1. • 11/29-12/1 (Friday-Sunday) Bible Reading Conference
    1. • 12/14 (Saturday) Christmas Music Concert
    1. • 12/21 (Saturday) Year-End Appreciation Dinner
    1. • 12/22 (Sunday) Christmas Worship Service
    1. • 12/26-28 (Thursday-Saturday) EM Winter Retreat
    1. • 1/5/2020 (Sunday) Installation for New Elders, Deacons, and Coworkers

<肢體關懷與代禱事項 CARE & PRAYER> 
● 請為身體欠安、慕道的兄姐關心代禱及鼓勵。
Please pray for those who are sick, or in need, to receive God’s comfort and strength.

金句 / Key Verse

「凡事感謝;因為此個是上帝 (tiam) 佇基督耶穌向恁的旨意。

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God
in Christ Jesus for you.

 (帖撒羅尼迦前書 1 Thessalonians 5:18)

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