04-16-2023 Sunday Bulletin

我們有活的盼望 We Have Living Hope

(彼得前書 1 Peter 1:3-9)

許明遠牧師 Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 本月開始教會提供主日禮拜華語翻譯,在招待桌上有QR Code掃描後有詳細說明如何操作並供應耳機,請邀請聽華語的兄姊到來參加敬拜。The church has started providing the Chinese translation of the service! The QR code and earphones are on the lobby table, and the code has detailed instructions on how to connect. We invite all our Mandarin-speaking brothers and sisters to worship with us.
  2. 今日主日崇拜之後,我們繼續 ”讓全世界都知道”影集,請兄姐留步在大堂一起觀賞影片,之後一同午餐交誼。After today’s Sunday worship, we will continue with “That the World May Know.” Brothers and sisters are invited to stay and watch the video together, and then have lunch together. 
  3. 上主日有Joshua和Justus接受堅信禮,Allyson幼兒洗禮,求神賜福。Last Sunday, Allyson  received baptism and Joshua and Justus had their confirmations. May God bless them in their journey of faith. 
  4. 感謝神的恩典,週六順利舉行G-Coffee福音聚會,感謝Eric長老烘製咖啡豆,和Grace Choi分享沖泡咖啡秘訣,會後一起聚餐,共度快樂時光。We thank God for the successful G-Coffee gospel event on Saturday. We also thank Elder Eric and Grace Choi for their sharing and demonstrations. 
  5. 第二季招待服事表放在招待桌上,鼓勵兄姊登記一同參與服事。The usher service form for the second quarter is on the lobby table; brothers and sisters are encouraged to participate in serving together.
  6. Irvine台灣基督長老教會計畫在五月十四日下午2:00-4:00 假Geneva Presbyterian Church 主堂,舉辦515週年音樂追思禮拜,邀請所有南加州台灣基督長老教會眾兄姊們,一起來參加此紀念日。Irvine TPC will be holding a service for the 515th anniversary on May 14th (Sunday) at 2pm, and invites all TPC brothers and sisters to join. 

代禱 Intercession

  1. 求神復興教會,長執及兄姊同心合意,委身於禱告、傳揚福音、並彼此相愛,追求「在主裡建造、在愛中興旺」的目標。Pray that God will revive our church, that all our brothers and sisters will be of one mind, committing themselves to prayer, spreading the gospel, loving each other, and pursuing the goal of “Building in the Lord and Thriving in Love.”
  2. 為教會推動社區福音事工、兒童事工禱告,求神帶領更多人進入教會。Pray for our church’s community evangelism and children’s ministry, for God to lead more people into the church.
  3. 為何弘吉醫師、古秀偉、呂耀斌、鄧淑貞長老、胡紹禎、藍老師,以及年老兄姊代禱。Continue to pray for Dr. Ho, Brother Kuo, Brother Lyu, Elder Teng, Brother Hu, Teacher Lan and all our elderly.
  4. 求神保守台灣、美國明年的總統大選,特別為美國槍枝氾濫、經濟、治安,以及台灣局勢的安全代禱。Pray for God’s protection on Taiwan and the United States in their presidential election next year, especially for the gun situation, economy, law and order, and safety.

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