02-26-2023 Sunday Bulletin

誰能得到赦免?Who Can Be Forgiven?

(詩篇 Psalm 32)

許明遠牧師 Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 本主日舉行聖餐, 藉著餅和葡萄汁來紀念主耶穌為我們犧牲生命的偉大救贖。We observed holy communion today, and the bread and grape juice are used to remember our Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us.
  2. 禮拜後隨即將召開春季會員大會,請會員留步參加。The spring congregational meeting will be held immediately after the service. Members are requested to stay and attend.
  3. 從上週三開始40天的大齋節期,讓我們預備心來與主耶穌走上十字架的路程。Lent started last Wednesday, let us prepare our hearts to walk the 40-day journey to the cross with our Lord Jesus.
  4. 從三月份開始,”讓全世界都知道”系列影集將在主日崇拜之後重新推出,請兄姐預留時間一同觀賞,影片之後一同午餐交誼。Beginning in March, we will be watching “That the World Know” series after the service. Brothers and sisters are requested to watch it and have lunch together after the video.
  5. 3月-4月教會事工和活動 March-April Events:
    • 3/12 日光節約時間開始 Daylight Savings Time Begins
    • 3/19 春季野外禮拜 Spring Field Service
    • 4/2 棕樹節主日 Palm Sunday
    • 4/7 受難日 Good Friday
    • 4/9 復活節主日 Easter Sunday
    • 4/15 G-Coffee 福音活動 G-Coffee Event

代禱 Intercession

  1. 為土耳其和敘利亞地震的救援、對需要者的安置和災後重建。Pray for the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, for relief and post-disaster reconstruction.
  2. 請繼續為何弘吉醫師、古秀偉弟兄的身體病痛和恢復代禱。Continue to pray for Dr. Ho’s and Brother Ku’s recovery and health.
  3. 為今年兄弟姊妹專注在讀經、禱告和團契上追求與上帝和兄姊的關係。Pray for our brothers’ and sisters’ Bible reading, prayer, and fellowship this year while pursuing their relationship with God and one another.

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