02-13-2022 Sunday Bulletin


主日信息 Sunday Sermon

「 你看!做夢者來啦!Look, This Dreamer is Coming! 」

創世記 Genesis 37:1-4,12-19

許明遠牧師 Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu


消息報告 Announcements

  1. 教會恢復實體禮拜,按照規定戴口罩和維持社交距離,求上帝保守大家健康平安。Our church have resumed in-person services this Sunday; please wear masks and maintain social distance as required and ask God to keep everyone healthy and safe.
  2. 本主日禮拜後立刻召開春季會員大會審查2021年各部會報告, 會員可參加實體或是網上會議。教會準備簡單餐點,請在招待桌領取。Our spring congregational meeting will be held immediately after the Sunday service to review 2021 ministry reports; members can participate in-person or online, and a simple lunch will be provided at the reception table.
  3. 下週日將舉行聖餐,請兄姊預備心和主耶穌一齊坐席。We will observe Holy Communion next Sunday. Brothers and sisters, please prepare your hearts to meditate on the Lord Jesus.
  4. 週四早上十點查經團契,在LINE群組查經「創世記」,歡迎參加。The pastor leads a Bible study every Thursday morning at 10am on LINE, currently on Genesis. We welcome all to join.
  5. 每個月第二和第四個禮拜五晚上八點QT查經,歡迎參加。QT has their Bible study on the second and fourth Friday of each month at 8:00pm, welcome all to participate.


關懷 & 代禱 Caring & Intercession

    1. 為新的一年教會新事工和計劃的進行,牧師長執同工合一有信心來作工。Pray for our church’s new ministries and plans for the new year, that the pastor and congregation can faithfully work together.
    2. 請踴躍參加禮拜三的全教會網路祈禱會,為牧師和參與的同工代禱,求上帝紀念他們每個禮拜的付出。Please actively participate in the weekly Wednesday online prayer meetings, pray for the pastor and participating coworkers, and ask God to remember their faithful dedication every week.
    3. 為身體欠安和年老無法來教會或使用網路禮拜的兄姊禱告。Pray for the brothers and sisters who are ill, unable to come to church, or use the online worship.

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