03-03-2024 Sunday Bulletin

門徒就「想起」The Disciples Remembered

(約翰福音 John 2:13-22)

許明遠牧師 Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 禮拜後成人主日學有三個課程:信仰要理問答 (台英兩組) 和主日信息回應分享,歡迎兄姊加入同成長受造就。We have three Christian Education classes after our services: Catechism (Taiwanese and English) and Sunday message reflection sharing. Brothers and sisters are invited to participate in growing and edifying each other.
  2. 午餐後下午一點召開長執會,請長執同工留步參加。Board meeting at 1pm after service today; elders and deacons, please attend. 
  3. 教會查經班自本週三早上10:00在網路聚會,本季將查考「啟示錄」,今後每週三都有聚會,歡迎兄姊參加。Our Bible study meets online on Wednesday morning, studying the Book of Revelation. All are welcome to participate.
  4. 3/16日上午10點G-Coffee和姐妹會聯合event。 花式咖啡教學,歡迎大家邀請新朋友,一起來學習。G-Coffee is having a joint event with Sisters’ Fellowship on March 16th at 10am.  Come learn about the different types of coffee, and new friends are welcomed! 
  5. 3/31復活節主日舉行洗禮、堅信禮、轉籍,有意願的兄姊請向許牧師或邱瑜嫩長老報名。If there are any brothers or sisters who would like to be baptized, confirmed, or transfer membership on Easter Sunday (3/31), please register with the pastor or Elder Naomi.
  6. 活泉團契將舉辦郵輪旅遊,9/2-9/6 Royal Caribbean四夜 Catalina & Ensenada Cruise,歡迎邀請親友一起參加此次活動,有任何問題或報名請直接洽詢旅行社 Kevin 弟兄 (626-838-3888)。Living Springs Fellowship is organizing a Royal Caribbean four-night Catalina & Ensenada Cruise from 9/2-9/6. All are welcome to invite relatives and friends to participate. Questions and registration, please contact Brother Kevin (626 -838-3888).
  7. 復活節期的重要日子 Important Easter Dates:
    • 2/14 – 3/30大齋節期 Lent
    • 3/24 棕樹節主日 Palm Sunday
    • 3/29 受難日 Good Friday
    • 3/31 復活節主日 / 聖餐 Easter Sunday / Holy Communion

代禱 Intercession

  1. 為教會所在的Monterey Park鄰近社區禱告,求神賜福台語堂、英語堂、姊妹團契、年輕夫婦團契、兒童事工(VBS, Sunday School)、G-Coffee Ministry各項事工,開拓福音外展的機會,帶領更多人認識主。Pray for the church’s community in Monterey Park and ask God to bless the ministries of the Taiwanese Ministry, English Ministry, Sisters’ Fellowship, Young Couples’ Fellowship, Children’s Ministry (VBS, Sunday School), and G-Coffee Ministry; that we can open up opportunities for gospel outreach and lead more people to know Christ.
  2. 為教會宣教事工代禱:巴西原住民宣教、台灣手語教會,求神賜福他們的忠心服事。Pray for the church’s missionary work: Indigenous Brazilian Missions and Taiwanese Sign Language Church, and ask God to bless their faithful service.
  3. 為年底的美國總統大選禱告,求神興起行公義、好憐憫、存謙卑的心、與神同行的領袖,帶領美國走在神的道路。 Pray for the US presidential election at the end of the year. Ask God to raise up leaders who do justly, love mercy, have a humble heart, and walk with God to lead our country on God’s path.
  4. 求神醫治陳玉慧、古秀偉、王淑玲、鄧淑貞長老、胡紹禎、藍老師,恢復身體的健康。Ask God to heal Sister Chen, Brother Ku, Brother Wang, Elder Teng, Brother Hu, and Teacher Lan.