04-07-2024 Sunday Bulletin

老於我主 Older Than Our God

(馬太福音 Matthew 6:25-34)

王子銘弟兄 Jeremy Wang

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 感謝王子銘執事今日的講台信息,願上帝祝福他在神學院的造就和在教會的工作服事都得上帝加倍祝福。We thank Deacon Jeremy Wang for his message today. May God bless his education at seminary and his work and service in church.
  2. 下週日邀請黃德利牧師主日講道,請代禱。Rev. David Huang will be preaching next Sunday, please pray for him. 
  3. 4月1日到24日牧師外出,進修一週,休假兩週,請為牧師出入平安代禱,這段時間若需要教會幫助,請聯絡任何一位長老協助。Our pastor will be away from 4/1-24 for a week of training and two weeks of vacation. Please pray for his safety and rest, and please contact any elder for help or questions. 
  4. 禮拜後成人主日學有三個課程:信仰要理問答 (台英兩組) 和主日信息回應分享,歡迎兄姊加入同成長受造就。We have three Christian Education classes after service: Catechism (Taiwan and English) and Sunday message response sharing. All are encouraged to participate and grow together.
  5. 請為台灣地震禱告,這是25年來在台灣最大的強震,花蓮和全台各地有許多人傷亡和建築物損壞,求上帝扶持台灣能快快重建,本會執事會也率先從愛心基金捐出$5000幫助。Please pray for the earthquake in Taiwan, the largest in the past 25 years and there have been many casualties and damages in Hualien and across Taiwan. Please pray that Taiwan will rebuild quickly. Our Deacon Board has also decided to donate $5,000 to help.
  6. 英文事工將在四月發起捐贈救世軍的活動,會列出接受和不接受捐贈的物品清單供參考,請將還算新但可捐贈的物品帶來,英文事工會收集並在四月底帶到救世軍,請兄姊踴躍參與。English Ministry is hosting a Salvation Army drive in April. List of acceptable items will be in the lobby, so please donate your lightly-used or lightly-worn clothes. EM will collect and bring it to Salvation Army at the end of April. 
  7. 4/25-27在牧谷教會舉行的NTPC五十週年感恩禮拜及年會,求神大大興起TPC眾教會。On April 25-27, NTPC’s 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service and meeting will be held at Shepherd of the Valley; please pray that God will raise up the TPC churches.

代禱 Intercession

  1. 為著教會參加5/18「台灣傳統週園遊會」的福音外展事工禱告,藉由說故事、手工、唱遊接觸社區的家庭與孩童,求主開拓福音外展的機會,帶領更多人認識主。 Pray for the church’s gospel outreach ministry at the Taiwanese American Heritage Week Festival on 5/18. Through storytelling, crafts, and singing, we pray to reach out with the gospel to families and children in the community and lead more people to know the Lord.
  2. 為年底的美國總統大選禱告,求神興起行公義、好憐憫、存謙卑的心、與神同行的領袖,帶領美國走在神的道路。Pray for the US presidential election at the end of the year. Ask God to raise up leaders who do justly, love mercy, have a humble heart, and walk with God to lead our country on God’s path.
  3. 求神醫治陳玉慧、古秀偉、王淑玲、鄧淑貞長老、胡紹禎、藍老師,保守他們的身體恢復健康。Ask God to heal Sister Chen, Brother Ku, Brother Wang, Elder Teng, Brother Hu, and Teacher Lan back to bodily health.