7-29-18 Sunday Bulletin

今日信息 / Sunday Sermon

”The Baptism of Water, Holy Spirit and Fire”

林雍迪 牧師

約翰福音 John 3:1-12

§ 消息報告 / Announcements §

  1. 感謝林雍迪宣教師今早主日講台的教導, 願主祝福牧師的身心靈,家庭.
  2. 短宣隊已完成兩週在台灣的短宣回到我們當中, 本主日將繼續請他們在會中分享他們服事的見證和經歷.
  3. 8月19日本會將與柑縣長老教會一起聯合野外禮拜,地點在Cerritos Park East,早上十點開始禮拜,禮拜後有中餐和聯誼活動,當天教會沒有聚會,請兄姊一起參加野外禮拜.
  4. 蕭泰然音樂會將於8/9 在Walt Disney Concert Hall 舉行, 想購買門票的兄姊
    請在招待桌登記, 票價$40-$170.

 為宣教士:Frank Lin 巴西宣教;為台灣手語教會事工.
 為有病痛和年老的兄姐–黃姍姍、劉家男.

  1. We thank and bless Rev. Davy Lin for sharing the word of God with us.
  2. 2018 STM members have returned home.  We will have them sharing their testimonies and ministries with us today.
  3. 8/19 we’re joining FPCOC for a field service at Cerritos Park East.  Service will start at 10am, lunch and fellowship ensue.  NO SERVICE HERE on that day.
  4. Maestro Tyzen Hsiao Music Festival US 2018 will be held at Disney Concert Hall on 8/9. For tickets please sign up at the reception’s desk.
  5. Prayer request:
     For mission partner Frank Lin in Brazil.
     Home-bound elderly and brothers and sisters in illness.

週間聚會/ Weekly Fellowship

  • 禮拜二查經組聚會
  • 禮拜五聚會: 8 pm 小組查經 (QT Bible Study) 、少年團契 (Youth Group)
  • 禮拜日聚會: 10 am 成人主日學、11 am 台語崇拜、英文團契、兒童 / 少年主日學

Even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees.  Every tree therefore thast does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
(馬太 Mt 3:10)

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