5-19-19 Sunday Billetin

今日信息 / Sunday Sermon

「浪子 The Lost Brothers」

蘇惠智 牧師

路加路加 Luke 15:11-32

The joy of repentance
The two lost brothers
I am good and good enough
The prodigal heavenly Father
Resurrection and reconciliation
But we had to celebrate and rejoice, because this brother of yours was dead and has come to life;he was lost and has been found.
(路加福音 Luke 15.32)

§ 消息報告 / Announcements §

  1. 活泉團契5月21日(禮拜二)於LA 植物園舉行健走活動,早上9:30植物園門口集合,邀請兄姊一起來運動交誼。301 N. Baldwin Ave. Arcadia, CA 91007.
  2. 聘牧委員已經推薦牧師候選人,6月2日主日上午將邀請牧師候選人在禮拜中講道,禮拜結束後隨即召開臨時會員大會監選牧師,每一位會員都有權利和義務投下一票,請務必出席。
  3. 今年的TPC靈修會(6/7~6/9),早鳥報名已經截止 ,仍然可以繼續報名到5/19為止。今年度由好牧者來主辦, 需要大家一起來推動全程參與。禮拜五去程和禮拜日回程將為需要交通的兄姊安排接送,若是有需要請向許文凱長老登記。
  4. 2019年暑期台灣短宣今年將服事花蓮東昌長老教會(6/29-7/5)以及阿里山茶山教會(7/6-7/13)。募款目標$8,500,目前奉獻達 $6,234,請兄姊繼續關心奉獻, 也為課程準備、隊員訓練、當地教會招生及預備心來代禱。
  5. 第二季裝備課程: 1) 活潑的生命讀經分享 (台語); 2) How About
    Your Faith? 信仰座談(英語); 3) 信仰要理問答 (台語,英語)
  1. Living Spring Group is having a jogging fellowship/gathering at LA county Arboretum on 5/21 @ 9:30AM. All are welcomed to join.
  2. PNC has already chosen a pastor candidate for GSTPC. The candidate is invited to preach and then followed by a congregational meeting to vote. The meeting will held on June 2, 2019 .  after the worship service
  3. Sister Fellowship will meet on 5/18, Mrs. Ho will lead the fellowship. Sisters and brothers are
  4. 2019 TPC joint retreat will be held 6/7~6/9. GSTPC is hosting this year. All are welcome. Please register by 5/19. GSTPC will pay registration $80/adult and $55 child 7-12yrs. For
    assistance in transportation, please contact Elder WenKai.
  5. 2nd hour equipping classes– a) Living Life QT sharing (in Taiwanese); b) How About Your
    Faith (in English). Study Catechism ( In Taiwanese and English) will continue.

<肢體關懷與代禱事項 CARE & PRAYER> 
● 請為好牧者今年六月主辦TPC聯合靈修會的籌備過程代禱。
GSTPC is hosting this year’s TPC retreat. Please pray for the planning and preparation.
● 請為2019好牧者暑期台灣短宣隊靈性上的預備代禱。
For 2019 Taiwan STM’s spiritual preparation and development of the team.
● 請為身體欠安、慕道的兄姐關心代禱及鼓勵。
Please pray for those who are sick, or in need, to receive God’s comfort and strength.

金句 / Key Verse
Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost.

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