03-01-2020 Sunday Bulletin

今日信息 / Sunday Sermon

「誰能得到赦免?Who Can Be Forgiven?」

許明遠 牧師

詩篇 Psalm 32

§ 消息報告 / Announcements §

    1. 下午一點半舉行長執會,請長老執事出席參加。 There will be a board meeting today at 1:30pm. Elders and deacons, please attend.
    2. 鼓勵會友訂閱「活潑的生命」靈修材料,每月5元,請向林幼麗姊妹登記。你也可登記加入教會群組,每天固定收到「活潑的生命」靈修影音資料。Brothers and sisters are encouraged to subscribe to the devotional “Living Life” and join our church’s “Living Life” group for daily spiritual content. Please register with Sister Judy.
    3. 2月26日 (週三) 是2020大齋節期的開始,PCUSA提供每日靈修材料,會友可選擇影印版 (備有20份,拿完為止) ,或是直接下載電子版。 Lent begins this Wednesday (2/26). PCUSA provides daily devotional materials during this Lent season that can be downloaded electronically, or physical copies may be used if preferred.
    4. 武漢疫情期間避免握手接觸,咳嗽時請掩口,並時常洗手,若有發燒現象請在家裡休息,以堵絕病毒的傳播。During this Wuhan epidemic, avoid shaking hands, cover your mouth when you cough, and wash your hands frequently. If you have a fever, please rest at home.

§ TPC 消息 TPC News §

    1. 第一台灣基督長老教會在今日慶祝設教四十週年,求神祝福。The First Taiwanese Presbyterian Church is celebrating its fortieth anniversary today. May God bless the church.

§ 代禱事項 Intercession §

    1. 為鄧淑貞長老、侯政子姊妹、藍敏惠老師、連素真牧師娘(美玲牧師娘的母親) 禱告。Please pray for Elder Su-Tsuen Tun, Sister Zhengzi Hou, Teacher Lan Minhui, and the mother of Mrs. Hsu.
    2. 為TPC靈修會的籌備、講員邀請 (臺語營、英語營、兒童營) 、宣傳與報名禱告。Please pray for the preparation of TPC’s conference: speakers (for Taiwanese, English, and children’s camp), invitations, promotion, and registration.
    3. 武漢肺炎的疫情仍在延燒,目前超過三萬個確定病例,死亡人數也超過六百人,求神憐憫醫治患病的人,讓各地疫情盡快得到控制。The virus outbreak from Wuhan is prolonged. There are currently more than 300,000 cases, and the death toll is now at 600. Please pray for God’s mercy on the afflicted, and for this epidemic to be quickly contained from affecting more people.
    4. 求主感動我們在全球面臨危難的時刻,能自卑、禱告、尋求神的面,彼此認罪,互相代求,使我們得著主的赦免與醫治!Pray for the Lord to move us in this time of global crisis, to humble ourselves, to pray, to seek His face, to confess our sins to one another, and to intercede with one another so we may receive the
      pardon and healing of the Lord!

§教會行事曆 Church Calendar §

    1. 3/3 (週二) 早上10:00 成人查經班 (陳玉慧姊妹府上)  3/3 (Tues) 10am Tuesday Bible Study (Sister Tammy’s house)
    2. 3/6 (週五) 晚上8pm QT小組 (教會) 3/6 (Fri) 8pm QT (church)
    3. 3/6 (週五) 晚上8pm EM團契 (教會) 3/6 (Fri) 8pm EM (church)


    “Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts;
    let him return to the Lord, that He may have compassion on him, and to our God,
    for He will abundantly pardon.” 

     (以賽亞書 Isaiah 55:7)

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