05-12-2024 Sunday Bulletin


Mother—An Incarnation of God

(創世記 Genesis 3:20, 路加福音 Luke 1:46-48)

許明遠牧師 Rev. Ming Yuan Hsu

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 本主日慶祝母親節,會中將贈送每位母親禮物,願上帝祝福每一位母親恩典滿滿。會中也將贈送敬老禮物給65歲以上的長者。Today is Mother’s Day, and may God bless every mother! Gifts will be given to all mothers and seniors over 65. 
  2. 本主日舉行洗禮和聖餐,願上帝祝福接受洗禮加入神大家庭的每一位。We observed baptism and communion today. May God bless everyone who has joined His family.
  3. 成人主日學今天暫停一次。Christian Education is canceled for today. 
  4. 本主日後,12:30-12:50 Sam將帶領姐妹會成員練習詩歌在陳玉慧姊妹告別追思禮拜獻唱,請兄姐參加。After service today from 12:20pm-12:50pm, Sam will be leading a practice for Sister Chen’s memorial service. Brothers and sisters are invited to participate. 
  5. 陳玉慧姊妹告別追思禮拜,訂於5月19日星期日下午1:30在好牧者教會舉行,請兄姊禮拜後留步參加。Sister Chen’s memorial service will be held on May 19th (Sunday) at 1:30pm here at our church. Brothers and sisters are kindly requested to stay after the service to attend. 
  6. 教會將擺攤參加Monterey Park 5/18「台灣傳統週園遊會」的福音外展事工,藉由說故事、手工、唱遊接觸社區的家庭與孩童,求主開拓福音外展的機會,帶領更多人認識主,請參與幫忙並代禱。Our church is participating in the Taiwanese American Heritage Week Festival on 5/18, and we will have a booth for evangelizing families and children through stories, crafts, and singing. Please pray that more will come to know the Lord. 
  7. 5/18 姐妹會和G-Coffee福音事工移至5/25星期六下午12:30-14:30(12:30中餐,13:30演講)𨘋請林惠琦音樂博士與余達弟兄分享,題目:從文藝復興走向巴洛克~音樂與建築。有少見的大鍵琴介紹與建築史分享,請兄姊參加,也歡迎𨘋請親友參加。Sisters’ Fellowship and G-Coffee has been moved to May 25 (Saturday) with lunch at 12:30pm and lecture at 1:30pm. Dr. Melody Lin and Brother David Yu will be sharing “Renaissance to Baroque: Music and Architecture.” This is a rare opportunity, and all brothers and sisters are invited to attend. 

代禱 Intercession

  1. 為5/18 教會擺攤參加「台灣傳統週園遊會」代禱,求神開啟福音的門,更多接觸及認識台裔第二代年輕夫婦家庭。Please pray for the Taiwanese American Heritage Week Festival booth on 5/18, that the gospel will be spread to all the families in the community.
  2. 為6/16父親節在本會舉辦「兒童事工Open House和園遊會」代禱,請邀請新朋友一起參加。 Please pray for Children’s Ministry’s Open House on 6/16.
  3. 求神憐憫及醫治古秀偉、王淑玲、鄧淑貞長老、胡紹禎、藍老師,保守身體平安。Ask God for His healing and protection on Brother Ku, Brother Wang, Elder Teng, Brother Hu, and Teacher Lan.