7-30-17 Sunday Bulletin

主日信息 / Sunday Sermon

『常常歡喜 Rejoice Always』

林雍迪 牧師

腓立比書 Philippians 4:4

§ 消息報告 / Announcements §

  1. 感謝林雍迪牧師今日證道,求主施恩賜福他的身心靈、家庭、和事奉。
  2. 下主日邀請謝禧明牧師帶領成人主日學,題目「生命的意義與價值」。早上十點開始,請兄姊踴躍參加,同受造就。
  3. 林雍肇Frank Lin宣教師將在下主日與青少年/英語團契分享巴西宣教事工,歡迎一同來見證神的保護與供應。
  4. TPC聖樂團已經開始練唱並招募新團員,歡迎對聖樂有興趣的兄姊加入服事的行列,詳情請聯絡黃長老或莊執事。
  5. 聘牧委員會已成立,求神賜下智慧同心,共同尋求神的旨意。
  6. 短宣成果代禱:暑假期間青少年和大學生出外參加短宣,已陸續完成使命並相繼返美,請繼續為短宣撒下的福音種子,以及短宣對員們作工得息和靈命成長代禱。
  7. 代禱事項:請為美國台灣鄉土兩地的領袖有神的智慧治理國家,成為國家的祝福。請為教會異象,長執同工,團契,服事兄姊,宣教夥伴及年長肢體代禱。
  1. We thank and bless Rev. Davy for sharing the word of God with us today.
  2. Min. Frank Lin will be the special speaker for youth Group/ English Fellowship next Sunday.  Please come to listen God’s protection and provision.
  3. TPC Master Chorale had started this season’s practice and they are recruiting new singers to serve.  Please contact Elder Huang or deacon Chuang for info.
  4. Please include PNC members in prayers to discern God’s will to us, and for our future pastor who is hearing a call to come to serve with us.
  5. Please pray for returning trips and rest up of youth participating summer outreach/ mission, and also pray for those spiritual seeds planted.
  6. Prayer request:  For the upcoming Pastor Candidate Committee and its members.  For God’s wisdom bestow on government leaders of Taiwan and US, that they will become a blessing to both countries.  Your intercession is requested for church vision, church leaders, fellowship, Sunday ministry, mission partners and home-bound elderly.

週間聚會/ Weekly Fellowship

  • 星期五聚會: 8 pm 小組查經 (QT Bible Study) 、少年團契 (Youth Group)
  • 星期日聚會: 10 am 成人主日學、11 am 台語崇拜、英文團契、兒童 / 少年主日學


“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.”.

(菲立比書 Philippians 4:4)